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Write for Democracy in Action – Call for submissions
We are looking for high-quality accessible articles on democracy and related issues from scholars and practitioners around the world.

Young people holding EU and Ukraine flags
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Democracy in Action is a social science & humanities blog and a public engagement project of the University of Agder, southern Norway. It is spearheaded and funded by the University’s Rectorate and the Faculty of Social Sciences of the same university.

We are on the look out for contributions that explore multiple dimensions of democracy, with a focus on the growing challenges to democratic institutions, processes and values in countries and regions around the world. The main aim is to discuss and reinvigorate democracy at all levels of governance and in various social, political and economic domains. While we welcome contributions discussing high-level theories and conceptual frameworks to understand the current moment, we favour a grounded approach that focuses on “democracy with a small d” and explores the multiple facets of democratic dynamics at work, or under threat, in the everyday realities of people, organisations and institutions across the world.

This is also one of the many meanings we attribute to “In Action”: we build on our own positionality in the Nordic countries, which share a strong tradition of lived democratic values in all sectors of society, but are also facing significant challenges shared with other parts of the world.

Our interest in “action” means that we look for authors who do not stop at a thorough analysis of the problems at hand, but also propose solutions and recommendations that can be taken up by policy-makers, civil society and private sector actors and interested citizens.

We cover a broad range of topics and areas linked to democracy, including, but not limited to: local, national and transnational political institutions and governance; basic education and higher education; public sector; state, market, socio-economic inequalities and the economy; the rise of populism and “anti-establishment” politics; progressive social movements, trade unionism and religious associational life; practices, values and models of grassroots democracy; challenges and opportunities of digital democracy and social media in politics; sustainable development, green transition and climate politics; space and place; human rights; gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights; ethnic and racial diversity and inclusion, migrants’ and refugee rights; digitalisation, artificial intelligence and ethical, social and political repercussions; peace, war and conflict; transitional justice; rule of law and constitutionalism; democracy promotion and the backlash against it; democracy and international and supranational organisations; democratisation and authoritarianism.

We welcome contributions grounded in a plurality of disciplines and approaches from political science, anthropology, sociology, geography, social theory, media studies, education studies, and any other field of social sciences and humanities.

Check out our submission guidelines here and send us a pitch at democracy@uia.no